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Photographic Artist – San Diego

Very few people in life truly know what they want. They are part of an exclusive group of individuals that instantly recognize quality: those that can see beyond the obvious and the average, those that revel in the hidden treasures that are exposed to their creative eye and distinct spirit. They know true beauty.

My name is Francois Swart, and I am a San Diego Photographer who’s differentiation does not lie in the amount of pictures I take, or the size of camera I use.   As part of my current journey within the beauty of photography, I refuse to be part part of the crowd: I believe in the true beauty of each individual, place or memory, and it is my life mission to capture that. You can see it in every work of art I create.

Photography is what I do best, and the ultimate success of our journey together starts today:

Step 1:

Make the appointment. Whether you fill in the feedback form, click on our “call me” button, or send me a mail, just make sure I pencil you into my diary. Then take a deep breath and sit back, you are in good hands.

Step 2:

Meet me. I don’t have an e-book, any affiliate marketing programs or even an iPhone App. I have only me. Who am I?  There’s lots more on me in the About section.

Step 3:

Let’s decide a project together. After our first consultation, I will formally communicate and detail the process ahead. Think of it as your personalized photography-portfolio project plan. Test shoots, Photo-walk-dates, Photographer responsibilities, etiquette and a whole lot more will be ready to slot into the timeline that fits your own journey.

Step 4:

Lets do it! The more we practice, the luckier we will get!. (Read about our options and services).

I know that your own discovery of the world of photography will give new meaning to your life: the joy and promise of true memories shared with friends and family…..